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Frequently Asked Questions

What is God's plan for the Broken Bus?

Through the use of a mobile service vehicle, volunteers drive the streets of Cincinnati every week, sharing the love of Jesus by providing companionship, food, clothing, toiletries, shoes, and other necessities to adults experiencing homelessness. In addition, we strive to plant seeds of servant ministry among community members by encouraging people to join the bus rides and bring the light of Jesus to our streets.

Who operates the ministry?

Founded by a local family from Liberty Township ten years ago, the Broken Bus Ministry, a grass roots organization, is operated entirely by volunteers and monitored by a Board of Directors who also volunteer their time. There are no paid staff. Volunteers include those who ride on the bus weekly handing out food and clothing along with individuals who cook meals and volunteer at our facility sorting donations. The Broken Bus received it’s 501c3 status in 2013 and all donations are tax deductible. 

The broken bus outreach vehicle
The broken bus ministry

Where is the ministry located?

The bus operates out of a humble facility located in Fairfield, Ohio on the corner of Route 4 and Seward Rd.  The facility consists of a garage for the bus, a room for sorting of donations and a small pantry to house food donations. There is also a separate gathering space to host visiting groups.  The facility operation hours vary per week depending on volunteer availability.

Who does The Broken Bus Ministry serve?

The Broken Bus ministry serves adult men and woman experiencing homelessness in greater Cincinnati. However, when needs arise in other situations, the Broken Bus will consider assisting depending on the need. We also work cooperatively with other non-profit organizations throughout the tri-state area.

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