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Front line service.

The bus welcomes up to five people per service trip. Due to the nature of our serves, children under the age of 12 are not permitted to ride. Children ages 12 – 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Volunteers will meet in Fairfield and travel to downtown Cincinnati on the bus. Each trip takes approximately three hours, but may run a bit longer. This is not a stationary serve, rather, the bus will drive to multiple locations throughout the serve. The bus is climate controlled and volunteers will remain on the bus during the serve. No individuals other than volunteers will enter the bus. Food and other items will be handed out via a serving window.

Please be aware that you may encounter individuals under the influence of substances or experiencing mental illness during the serve, however, the bus is designed to ensure the utmost safety for all involved.

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Group opportunities.

Groups of adults and children are invited to visit our facility. Groups such as sport’s teams, Girl Scout troops, Boy Scout troops, youth groups, groups of adults who work together and adult bible study groups, for example, are encouraged to join us at our bus facility to learn about those we serve and assist in helping in our warehouse, if needed.

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Front lines not for you?

If serving people on the front lines is not for you, there are a variety of other ways to get involved, including collecting donations, shopping for items via our Amazon wish list, supporting us financially or starting a Facebook Fundraiser.

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Good cook?

If you have been blessed with the gift of cooking or baking, please consider cooking a meal for us to serve on our weekly trips. We typically serve up to 25 -30 people per trip. Because those we serve live outside, meals that are appreciated include chili, soups, casseroles, soft fruit and vegetables, cookies, brownies, etc. Providing a meal to serve is a touching way to use your talents to feed those who are hungry. To get more information about providing a meal, please click below!

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